Our Vision

Within the next 5 years Your Big Venture will be known for being a positive cause for youth entrepreneurs that are about making a difference in the world. We will provide a podcast called 26 Minutes With that will empower people to care for community, the environment and humanity. Our offshoot products include, online learning and coaching programs, mastermind teams, and live events (online or in person), to further empower our market and to help foster a spirit of positive change on the planet.

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Be Apart of Something Great

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One of the core offerings is our Membership Site. With the goal to develop a supportive community/membership site for young entrepreneurs ages 19-35. We will offer content that supports today’s entrepreneur, where you can tap into guest teachers, take part in online guest events, interviews that focus on health, mental well being, business skills, new ideas for entrepreneurs. It is a holistic approach to doing business, with the latest trends and success strategies to help you have the edge you need.

Email us at dcohen@yourbigventure.com

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Learning Programs That Matter

The heart of what we do is that we're a learning company. Our goal is to deliver programs that help you get results, build your business and get customers happening.

We live in a dynamic and changing market environment, so our other aim is to help you navigate these new waters and still bring passion and joy to the work and business you're designing. Are you ready? Let's get this done!


Here Is What Our Clients Have To Say:

  • Gratitude!

    “David - thank you - from my heart to yours, for collaborating on these inspiring sessions... my heart is full. You bring such insight, peace, and kindness to these offerings which is exactly the feeling I hoped participants would come away with GRATITUDE!”

    – H.M.
    Small Business Advisor | Small Business Enterprise Centre
  • Awesomeness

    "David has been working with our SBEC for the last few years and provided training on the Business Plan Builder Series as well as for the Starter Company Plus program. The only word I can describe David is 'awesomeness' and I'm sure you will enjoy working with him.”

    – Alan Luk
    Small Business Consultant | City of Richmond Hill

I am so grateful!

"I cannot express enough how grateful I am for the exceptional support and guidance I received while working with David Cohen.

From the very beginning, I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed while filling out a crucial business application. However, David's phenomenal expertise and commitment to helping others made all the difference. David proved to be the go-to person when it comes to setting the direction and laying a strong foundation for any business. His insights and strategies were invaluable in shaping my business vision and objectives.

What impressed me the most was David's remarkable ability to simplify complex concepts, which were initially challenging for me to grasp. With his patient and comprehensive explanations. I gained a solid understanding of critical business principles that I can now confidently apply. I couldn't recommend David enough to anyone seeking invaluable guidance and expertise for their business endeavors.

He is not only a mentor but also a true catalyst for growth and prosperity. Thank you, David, for your dedication and for making a lasting impact on me and my business."


Marilu Tapia. Good Growth Coaching