Learning That Gets Results


Learning programs geared to your needs! 

If you're in business, then we know that we need selling skills, relationship building skills and to build trust with those customers we work with.

We also need the confidence from which to develop comfort and the ability to work with our customers effectively.

Our learning programs do this and more.

We give you the structure, the confidence, the skills and the keys to making your life and business work. 

Count on us to teach special program through our online events and learning programs, geared to giving you the goods you need to make your "Venture" happen and to love your life and what you do!

Plus, we have a few collaborators and guest teachers for you to learn from as well. All are subject matter experts to share their expertise with you and further help you succeed.

We will also offer special online and in-person events as well. All super charged for you to connect, network, build your business and learn!

As we grow "Your Big Venture, just trust that we love to teach and really love to see those we do teach get results in their businesses too!


Here is a list of our learning programs: 

Below are some of the other learning sessions that seem to be very popular with my clients right now. We can customize the learning and can bundle it with merch, coaching, study groups and the learning as well.

Here are our key learning programs


They include:

  • The Sales Boost-the EQSP and 7 step sales process.
  • The Business Plan Boot camp.
  • The Power of a Niche. How segmenting your market, pays big dividends.
  • 1 day marketing boost.
  • The 1-day (we divide this into, 2 half days) Sales Clinic -Selling like a BOSS!
  • Operations.
  • Time Management.
  • Mental Well-ness for entrepreneurs…strategies to keep well, balanced, and practicing self-care.
  • How Grit and Resiliency are key to success.
  • The Power of Beliefs, visualization and creating a purpose driven venture.
  • Vision, mission, values, and goals!
  • The Belief about money!
  • What it takes to lead!
  • The RPM program-Research, Planning and Making it happen (a sales/marketing session) and    each are 2 hours and geared to youth entrepreneurs.
  • Customer Care- Put L-O-V-E into the customer experience.
  • How to get media for your venture.
  • Get Confident.
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership.
  • What it takes to start a business.
  • Improv Skills for better Communication Skills in business