About Us And About You

Sharing our story...




Once upon a time, there was a company that taught, coached, and helped business owners.


In their work with youth entrepreneurs and teaching them in various non-profit entrepreneur programs the owner noticed they weren't being taught how to sell or to have the confidence to speak to new clients, build relationships and to strategically build their businesses.


And every time the owner taught youth, the chances of them being in business 1 year after they launched were low. The chances were high that they ended up closing the business and going back to work for someone else. This was not their goal!


Until one day, after doing some market research and sending out surveys to youth entrepreneurs about their most pressing business needs, the company discovered that these business owners really wanted strategy for growth and selling skills.

It was then that the owner of this learning/coaching company decided to change his business direction and so, he re-launched, re-branded their business to focus on the needs of youth entrepreneurs 19-35 and offer learning, guidance, community, coaching and content to empower youth to have the skills, support, and confidence they need to really succeed in business.


And because of all this, and all of that (above) Your Big Venture was launched (in September 2023) and here you are.

As you continue with your journey, we are building a complete online platform to support younger entrepreneurs. With great learning/content, amazing collaborators, community engagement, encouragement, merchandise, learning products and programs and daily development sessions to subscribe to!


And because of this; Our goal is to see young entrepreneur start-ups succeed and get passed that first year of operating and loving their business and making a positive difference to those they serve with the gifts they must share.


I invite you to join our membership group, engage with our podcast, tap into our learning programming, and become part of our online community to really get the goods you need to succeed! We are building our future and empowering young entrepreneurs to make a difference and to lead!


                                                     The end! 




 The reason for being in business.


We live in a time of great challenge and change. The recent pandemic has opened gaps in how we work, live, love, do business, treat each other and in how we care for the earth.


In the face of these immense challenges, people are starting to awaken to their true passions and gifts and are seeking to make a difference for themselves and the planet.

 If you are a young entrepreneur there have been days if you wonder if you're business is going to make it and perhaps have had days where the negative voice wins, fear, frustration and fighting the battles of being in business is just too much.



We get that, that is why we're here, to help you on your journey and provide daily programs, learning, coaching to guide you and inspire to take strategic action, improve on your skills needed to be in business and empower you to share your gifts, talents and expertise with confidence!

Welcome to "Your big venture".


 Our Goals


Our goals are to be a driving force in empowering Youth entrepreneurs to create the new. New ways of doing business, work, relationships, health, spirituality, leadership and how we treat the earth, ourselves, and others.

Also, it is about instilling confidence in those we serve to help them succeed in their business, life, and work!

The youth entrepreneur age range is 19-35.  You will agree that running a business in this changing market has been super challenging over the past 3 +  years.

Your Big Venture is about providing content, learning, coaching and community to help you learn, grow and succeed!

Welcome and make use of our various services, people, resources and products! 




David Cohen