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Our membership site is coming! 

We are still working on our membership site so stay tuned.

When we do launch it, here is what you can access...

1. A community to call your own

2. Learning from our roster of collaborators and expert contributors

3. Live, thrive, find balance

4. Success from the inside out

5. Special events

6. Social Media Groups for more connections

7. Get the goods on strategy, selling and attracting customers, health/wellness, business insights, the power of meditation and visualization, funding, trends that shape business, marketing tactics, online marketing

8. A group to help you keep your vibe high and move forward with confidence

Membership does have it's benefits!

Meet our team of Collaborators that will provide guidance to you in their respective fields

Music and entertainment:

David La Fame


Originally from Fulham Broadway in London, UK. Now living in both Pompano Beach Florida and Oakville Ontario (depending on the weather, of course!)

Dave has been entertaining, playing bass & singing since the age of 13. But his professional career started with roles in live theatre, film & TV. Eventually moving into corporate entertainment with a self-produced Danny Ganz style impressionist show. The success of the impressionist show led to Dave becoming an award-winning Las Vegas Tom Jones impersonator. In addition, Dave performs tributes to Bobby Darin, Elton, Roy Orbison & Sting.

Along with Dave Radford he is a founding member of the Florida Beegees.

Success Coaching:

Dani Di Prizio

Dani is a facilitator, co author, collaborator, and a coach with a passion for personal and professional transformations.

Her heart is in those AH - HA breakthrough moments of leveling up by helping people to move their needle in the direction they truly wish to be using solution focused coaching. 

Dani has over 20 years in the community service sector working in a variety of areas from women’s groups, youth, newcomers to Canada and small business programs to name a few.

She is currently expanding her horizons in developing upcoming training programs and creating additional literary content in the field of personal development.

She is a library nerd, an avid fan of journaling and an outdoor patio java junkie with an affinity for good music and sunshine.

Jeremy Poulin: 

Jeremy is a young entrepreneur who shows you how it is done. He is a Brand & Marketing Specialist having been in the food service industry with Red Mill Maple Syrup and now selling real estate in the Cavan Township, just south of Peterborough and Lindsay, Jeremy is an Innovative, relentless, truth seeker.

David Cohen-Owner of Your Big Venture-Business coaching and learning:

David is an author, business coach, and facilitator and he hosts a weekly Podcast called 26 Minutes With, it is on leadership and those that are making an impact and for positive change on the planet and in our communities.

David has taught thousands over the years in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors and has coached business owners to sell, plan and market their ventures successfully. He specializes in helping business owners mine their strengths, get clear on their value, their markets and then begin to develop a sales and marketing game plan that gets results.

 David is currently working in the online space, with the podcast a membership site called Your Big Venture, geared to support youth entrepreneurs, a new book to help you achieve total life balance and focus, called Live Life SWIFT and he is launching learning programs online that help young entrepreneurs get results.

He has worked with the City of Toronto, The Toronto Public Library, the City of Mississauga, Alterna Savings, ACTA, The Richmond Hill Small Business Enterprise Centre, EDCO, Transat Travel Group, and Youth Employment Services to name a few.

Aside from teaching and coaching, you can hang with David at a coffee bar, a jazz fest, at a baseball game, he loves good conversations, Improv comedy or you can go on a nature trail walk and talk with him as well. 

Tom St. Louis-Marketing and strategist

Tom St. Louis has been involved in marketing and

education for many years. Best known for his innovative

concepts in referral generation for the US legal profession,

where he is known as "the genius of referrals". If you

would like to know how sales work: how to create the conditions

where your prospect prefers your product or service to their money

and are enthusiastic about making the exchange,


Tom's your man.




 Rose-Anne Partridge


Rose-Anne Partridge is a graduate of the University of Toronto and has been an entrepreneur for over 25 years. During that time, she became a mother to three beautiful children, however, her second-born son was born with a rare chromosomal disorder which led Rose-Anne down a path of research into holistic alternatives for his well-being. Having experienced many personal challenges such as divorce, bankruptcy, and dealing with her own PTSD, Rose-Anne was inspired to find her own holistic solutions to help herself heal. During her studies and research, she fell in love with many energy healing modalities, essential oils, and everything she could find that pertained to brain health and nutrition which have all contributed to the healthier, happier lifestyle she lives today. It is Rose-Anne’s innerstanding that through our darkest moments in life we can learn our soul’s greatest lessons and rise above these challenges to realize our soul’s purpose.

Rose-Anne is a published, best-selling author, former radio show host and iTV personality. Her most recent work includes being the visionary and co-author of For the Love of Our Children – True Stories of Hope and Healing, working with families who have children with special needs and sharing their unique journeys.

Previously she also co-authored The Power of Women United, sharing the challenges she faced with lack of confidence. After her son was born with a rare genetic condition, she went on to become an advocate and wellness coach for special needs and eventually founded Real Life Changes,

Families for HOPE Network, and Oily Masters. She has also created a guide on how to use Young Living essential oils and related products to help our special children live to their fullest potential.

Rachael Thompson-Youtuber-Social Media and Reiki Practitioner 

Rachael is a Reiki Master. It has been an incredible two-year journey; one that a simple certificate will never be able to reflect. During this time, I have practiced on clients, family, friends, children, strangers, and my dogs ( a lot). I have turned 100% skeptics into people who ask me to send Reiki and come to me with questions. I did not do this through my incredible power of persuasion (admittedly, I'm not the best saleswoman), but rather through the example I set and by simply allowing the Energy to do its thing. 

In starting my own Energy Healing Business, I aim to take these gifts and share them with everyone (no matter your income or location). I want to demystify this process so everyone can experience the powerful results. I say this with no ego involved, but I was given the natural gift of healing. This is my Dharma and I was sent here to help you heal. That is why I thought I wanted to be a therapist, but it wasn't a right fit. My Reiki training simply opened the gates to what was always there but lying dormant within.

Rachael also grew her YouTube Channel from 500 to over 50,000 in just under 4 years.

She is a master at the law of attraction. has a social science degree and is well versed in building a business and healing arts.

Rachael feels beyond blessed to share this with you and help transform your life in whatever ways you need. Thank you for taking the time to read about my journey.

I wish you Love & Light on yours :)   


Tamara Minns-Business Consulting-Economic Development

Tamara is experienced in diverse business settings, specializing in relationship management and creative planning.

As the sole proprietor of a unique retail social enterprise, Tamara was awarded for her initiatives in entrepreneurship. She is actively involved in programs and services benefiting small businesses.

Throughout her career, Tamara has been involved with not-for-profit organizations in roles of fundraising, event coordination, and volunteer management. She has had the privilege of learning from many respected community board members.

As part of the team at Community Futures Huron, Tamara provides support to clients receiving repayable financing.

Therapy & Healing- Natasha Hoyte


Natasha is a Registered Psychotherapist and Grief Recovery Specialist with over 10 years of professional experience working in the Violence against Women sector. I support caregiving women, individuals, and groups struggling through trauma, grief, loss, and other life transitions to establish and maintain a fulfilling life now and leave a lasting legacy for their loved ones.
I provide 1on1 counselling, grief recovery support, and group facilitation. My training and experience working with diverse people has equipped me to offer culturally sensitive, unique, customized support to my clients.
My therapeutic approach is focused on the mind and body connection. It is Anti-Racist Anti-Oppressive, client-centered, and strengths-based. I am committed to helping individuals identify their Challenges, and explore Choices available to them so they can make adequate Changes to live a fulfilling life now and leave a lasting legacy when they're gone.

Marilu Tapia-Meditation and visualization

Marilu Tapia is known as “The intuitive Teacher” and the founder of "Good Growth"; a Healing and Coaching Company that helps to empower women to step out of their comfort zone into the realm of miracles to find solutions to their problems.

Marilu is Certified International Trainer Provider by IPHM, an Advanced Crystal Master at the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy, an Akashic Reader at the University of consciousness, an Energy Healer at the Reiki Infinite Healer Institute,  and a Transformational Coach with Mary Morrissey's Institute.

This background has helped her know human beings need balance and to realize that it is vital to take care of not only the physical aspect such as nutrition and exercise but also the spiritual and emotional side. 

Marilu grew up in Mexico where she started her career within the fitness and industry as a Pilates Instructor and Fitness Coach.  She relocated to Canada 10 years ago and studied at the Niagara Culinary Institute. Upon graduating in 2010, Marilu has held positions such as the head Chef (2014) and then took the “Entrepreneurial Journey” as the owner of "Guacamole Mexican Grill", featuring a traditional Mexican cuisine in Toronto.

With this varied background in coaching, personal growth, entrepreneurship, facilitation work, healing, health, and nutrition. Marilu offers clients, from a holistic modality, with more than 15 years of studying the body, health and personal training, a wonderful choice of:

· healing sessions

· meditations

· transformational webinars

· coaching and workshops

Marilu has a passion for seeing people achieve joy and happiness; and then when we achieve happiness, we will have a better world.