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26 Minutes With the Podcast

26 Minutes With is about honouring leaders, change-makers, impact-makers and those brave enough to do things differently. Where we live from our heart and soul, we aim to make the world a more just, compassionate, better world to live, work, connect and play in.
26 Minutes With is geared to inspiring, empowering and encouraging the “Entrepreneurial leader” spirit and those who do and act courageously. The podcast that can bring positive change to the world.

26 Minutes With is a podcast that defends those that have a different view, that come from the heart and have the courage to speak up, act and affect positive change.

Heart and soul leadership is missing in the world today. What if we need to awaken to new ideas and possibilities and the track we are going on is not always the best? We need to have dialogue, open, honest and raw at times to discover this truth.

Each week, we will feature great guests who are making a difference for good and yes, some might even rock the boat. Dive in deeper with our additional bonus episodes with each guest.

Whether it is how we do business, leading at work, making communities stronger, eradicating poverty and touting abundance, or new ways to heal and be healthy, or changing politics, social/economic issues or empowering youth to be all they can be and learning from our elders, this show is a journey of ideas, solutions and new thinking that has create a “Vision” for where and who we want to be!

Please enjoy our podcasts and share it with others who might benefit.

Join Cathy Nesbitt and David Cohen as they share hosting duties for weekly 26-30 minute podcast/posts and then a deeper dive (more time with our guests)

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  • December 7th Learn to heal and de-stress...with guest Dr. Harvey Skinner

    Cathy Nesbitt hosts and interviews Dr. Harvey Skinner about how practicing Qi Gong and Buddhist practices can help heal and nurture your spirit!

    Dr. Skinner's gentle approach to life is something so needed right now, perhaps it is key to healing on a planetary level!

    Enjoy this week show. Here is the link...


  • December 28th - Our last show and our year end in review.

    Join Cathy Nesbitt and David Cohen as they put a bow on the year and for 26 Minutes With.

    The show has come to a close and we are developing a new concept for 2024.

    In this show Cathy and David have a real heart to heart about leadership, highlights, learnings and process.

    There is a new show in the making and we will keep you informed.

    In the meantime enjoy our chat. It will inspire you and make you think as well.

    Happy new year and much, health, success and abundance your way!

    David and Cathy

    Here is the link to listen in.


  • The November 3rd edition

    This week, guest host Cathy Nesbitt takes you on a journey as she talks with the wondrous Rachel Parent, emissary of the Kids Right to Know organization. She enchants us with her advocacy for food security, label transparency, and empowering the youth to pave the way. Our quest delves into the realms of GMOs, gene editing, and the magic of community gardens. As we partake in the exchange of wisdom, she unravels the mysteries of the parliamentary process, illuminating ways to ignite the spark of change.

    Here is the link to listen in...

  • November 10th- Aging well!

    John Wilson is our guest as we chat about healthy aging. Topics include, having a mission and purpose, healthy tips, the science and passion behind aging well. This is a spirited chat and loaded with a ton of gems and information to help you meet aging with vim and vigor. Here is the link to listen in!



  • Eat to heal, eat to live-November 17th

    This week on our 26 Minutes with podcast, our associate host, Cathy Nesbitt connects with Kiran Bissoon, about her journey from burn out in her career in the trades towards healing a herself, with a major shift in diet, and practicing Ayurvedic medicine and incorporate a whole foods plant based vegan healing foods diet and lifestyle and now a new career and head Chef at Ki’s Kitchen in Durham Region. It is a story of transformation!

    Tune in here...


  • November 30th with guest Lorraine Kane

    How a car accident and NDE transformed a life. Lorraine Kane is our guest and shares her journey from near death to transformation. Lorraine Kane talks about her journey after a car accident in her 20's led to an NDE and how the trauma, surgeries, emotional fall out impacted her life, work, marriage, health and how she has a emerged 20+ years later with a renewed purpose and passion!

    Here is the link to listen.


  • October's 10th show

    We discuss Michael Santonato's new book about how you can become financially sound in any economy. He takes his work in the financial sector and goes beyond what your bank manager might tell you and borrows on money thought leaders like, Warren Buffet, Robert Kiyosaki and Tony Robbins are suggesting in their work, to give you new ideas, strategies and tactics you can use, in a holistic money plan.

  • October 20th- The art of being in business and how it is evolving in future! With guest Colleen Lindberg!

    The new way of doing business

    This week, we connect with Colleen Lindberg, and talk about leading with spirit, heart, passion in our businesses and in life. She shares her wisdom, experiences and how her coaching practice has changed as a result. The notion of crushing it, working long hours, pushing your way through is giving way to a gentler, more kinder to self, way of doing business.

    Here is the link to listen in.


  • This week's Show -October 17th-Dr. Mike Coulas, talks health and taking a different approach

    .You can heal yourself and our chat today with Dr. Mike Coulas, will give you some tips, secrets and methodologies you can use in your daily health routine.

    It is a spirited discussion wit lot's of nuggets to help you stay healthy in these challenging times.

  • October 27th's Podcast-with Bishop Donna Hubbard

    We go over 26 minutes this week and once you begin to listen you will see why. You are about to meet an incredible human being, doing amazing work in the area of rehabilitation, prison reform and helping women escape the world of Sex Trafficking.

    Meet, Bishop Donna Hubbard, transformed her very rocky and difficult early years being sex trafficked.

    It is a very dark world

    It is a huge industry

    Involves guns, violence and drugs

    Somehow and by the grace of God Donna escaped that and is now giving back, big time to other women who are in her shoes and she is making a huge impact!

  • August 31st Show

    We talk with Ondra Nemcik about his journey to find happiness and how he escaped being bullied and chose to find happiness and confidence. He now teaches other youth to do the same!

    Here is the link to tune in.

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  • September 7th's Show-Michael D. Butler talks about his non-profit initiative that is preventing child sex trafficking in East Indian countries.

    How does a farm boy, turned pastor, and entrepreneur become involved in preventing child sex trafficking in East Indian nations. We talk about how 1040 Impact, is making a difference.

    Here is the link to listen.

    Listen here 
  • September 14th-Helping men's mental health and reducing the risk of suicides with guest Gordon Melville

    We go one-on-one with mindset coach, author and podcast host Gordon Melville to talk mental health, men's issues and why men are choosing suicide more than any other group of individuals.

    Here is the link to listen.

    Listen here 
  • September 22nd-with guest James MacNeil and associate host Cathy Nesbitt

    This week on 26 Minutes with-the podcast for leaders, change makers and those making an impact,Cathy Nesbitt 🌱, fills in and has a meaningful discussion with transformational coach and teacher James MacNeil about how to live a more purposeful life.

  • September 29th-with guest Kelly McCormick-How to thrive in a recession

    This week we look at how to survive and thrive in an economic downturn with guest Kelly McCormick.

    Kelly is an author, business strategist, speaker and coach. We have a dynamic chat about what you need to do thrive and shine.

  • This Weeks Show

    Our guest is Cindy Ashton, singer, performer, leadership coach, teacher, media host joins us for a vibrant discussion!

    This week's 26 Minutes with-the podcast for leaders. show has landed, it is a fabulous chat about life, overcoming, finding your voice, making hard choices, using your pain to help others and how to speak your truth to engage audiences.

    Enjoy And Get Set To Be Inspired 
  • This weeks podcast

    This week you can meet the hosts of 26 Minutes With, David Cohen and Cathy Nesbitt, will share hosting duties and we thought you might want to know why we are inspired to talk about leadership and interview people who are in fact making positive change and impact in the world, and in our community today,

    Get to know us and get involved with this community of leaders!

    Tune in here 
  • How creativity can heal you and give you purpose in life.

    You have a mental health episode at 18, and need to manage that through the rest of your life. Then in your 60's you are diagnosed with Parkinson's and that is another big challenge to face and deal with. How do you stay true to your path and heart through this? You tap into your creative process, and produce music, documentaries, radio shows, publish photo journalism books, and connect to your passion and purpose. Meet Barry Shainbaum, he has done all this and he delights in inspiring others! Enjoy this week's show.

    Tune in here 
  • How can men heal and grow? Ted Phaeton of the Modern Man Podcast shares his ideas

    Ted Phaeton from the Modern Man Podcast talks about today's men. Men are feeling the pressures of what it is to be a man in these changing times. We talk about a hidden issue affecting men, and what we can do to transform this.

    Tune in here 
  • Listening is therapeautic-Guests Greg Clarke and Alejandro Cuellar. Talk about their organization called Certified Listeners...

    In late 2019 Greg Clarke and Alejandro Cuellar, teamed up to start a non-profit that provides a trained listener to offer emotional support to those needing an ear. Then 2020 happened the the demand for an ear and life challenges increase exponentially.

    We talk with the team behind the Certified Listeners Society and how they have managed to make a big impact in a short time. Enjoy this edition of 26 Minutes With-the podcast.

    Tune in here 
  • Can you make a difference?

    Kayla Henry talks about her new book, her moxie, her view points that don't always tow party line and she does it courage, conviction, purpose and passion!

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  • Life, leadership starts at 60 Gloria C. Jones

    We connect with Gloria C. Jones. We take on life after retirement and how you can really make a difference in the community to make it a better place to live. Gloria empowers others to use their voice and she is doing incredible work in the Black Belt in Alabama. Her work is alleviating abject poverty and raise youth up!

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  • Live a life of leadership and service

    This week's interview has landed, as we go one-on-one with leadership coach and teacher Greg Johnson, we talk about his body of work, his life, (he is 75), how he overcame racism to have a solid career in the medical field, corporate life, non-profits and with his work with guiding parents, youth and future leaders.

    He is a wonderful man and I trust you will enjoy our chat.

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  • Inspiring leadership, inspiring change

    This week's interview is up and online, we talk with leadership specialist, author, speaker and coach, Dr. Lance Secretan about his new book, "Reawakening the human spirit"

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  • What strategies do you need to move through a recession?

    This week, we connect with Matthew De Berardinis and we talk money, with the volatility in the markets and in the banking sector, how can we navigate it and put some wise strategies in place. Matthew knows his stuff and is an engaging speaker.

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  • Jody Yaa Dunn talks about youth justice

    Jody Yaa Dunn is a visionary when it comes to social service strategies to reduce youth crime and then going into the justice system.

    Here we deal with the "School to prison pipeline", historic and systemic racism, that dates back centuries...and media messaging, plays into how the anger coming from these 4 areas plays out in the young kids getting involved in crime.

    We then talk about strategies, to heal, help and offer hope to our young people.

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  • Tune in

    We talk about going through a Dark Night of the Soul and transforming from an addiction into living a full life as a man, a coach, a father and husband. Louis Stockley lays out his journey and how he overcame not having a father figure, an army injury, addictions, a job loss and managed to share his journey with others, to empower them to change for the better.

    Watch this on YouTube 
  • Re-invent yourself at any age, you just need to be open. Pam Rossi is our guest.

    This week on 26 Minutes With, broadcaster, voice over artist, and audio book voice over specialist, joins us to talk, re-invention, dealing with change, finding your voice, and embracing the new!

    Watch this on Youtube