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Live Life Swift the book! The PDF Download Version

Live Life Swift the book! The PDF Download Version

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We have launched!

Our New Book is out. Officially on December 21st. It is about a guide to helping you live your best life.


About Live Life Swift


Live Life SWIFT- A soon to be the number one New York Times best seller.


Monthly actions, turn into a big life with love, balance, and abundance all in play.


These past 4 years have rocked us. No one has been free from the social/economic stress, the changes we have all experienced in every facet of life.


In 2024 it is time to get going and get your life back on track.

No matter what your goals are or what key areas of your life you want to improve, Live Life Swift is a proven methodology of living a full, rich, and abundant life every day.

Co-author, David Cohen created a system for living life well back in 2005, he was inspired while writing a newsletter, to create a chart system to set your big goals and take on the 5 key areas of your life to make small incremental changes that add up to living a big life and creating more passion, peace, success, health, relationships, and wealth.

This his 3rd book, yet this one is a personal favourite.


SWIFT stands for Social-Work-Inner-Financial-Taking Care of…and when you add your Big Dreams to the mix you get the template for a good life.


David then teamed up with long time friend and colleague Danielle Di Prizio to develop and take the SWIFT chart and system to a new level and in the summer of 2022, they took the dream and turned into a book, a user-friendly SWIFT chart and learning program.


Dani brings a solid career in teaching and coaching a variety of individuals to manage, grow and succeed in their careers and in life. She has a solution focused approach and is a kind caring compassionate when it comes to working with her clients.


David brings a 20+ year career in teaching, coaching working with well over 3 thousand new start-ups and business owners. He has written 2 other books, (The Weekly 3-3 Ways to Turbo Charge your life and business and Bust Out-launch your new business now), plus he has hosted the Small Business Big Ideas radio show for 9 years and interviewed, Jack Canfield, the late Dr. Stephen Covey and Michael Gerber to name a few. He has written for Home Business Magazine and loves helping entrepreneurs succeed.


If you are feeling like you have lost your passion, purpose and want and are languishing, feeling unmotivated, then working the SWIFT system, and reading Live Life SWIFT will give you the tools, a game plan and inspiration to make your move forward.


David and Dani bring real life examples, stories and examples of how you can work SWIFT to make your life work for you. They bring heart, inspiring stories, and humour to the table. It is all geared to help you be happy, at peace, in action and living a life that is full and meaningful!

 Be sure to get your SWIFT Chart as well and start living life powerfully and by your design.


Enjoy the read!



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